Europe during the Middle Ages


Answer the questions on your paper using the blue links and answer in complete sentences.

The Middle Ages - Between Ancient and Modern
1. What year was Rome attacked?
2. What do historians mark the fall of Rome as?
3. What were the next one thousand years called?
4. What does medieval mean?
5. Why are the Middle Ages sometimes called the Dark Ages?
6. What did most people in the Middle Ages not know how to do?

The Feudal System Explained
7. What is the feudal system?
8. What was a fief?
9. What is a vassal?
10. What was the most important promise of a vassal?
11. What is a serf?
12. What kind of jobs did serfs perform?
13. Why was it good to be the king? (look at the top of the page)
14. Why was it bad to be a serf?

A Monks Life
15. What is a monastery?
16. What was a monk’s life filled with?
17. What important task were monks also given to do?

18. Why was excommunication a great way to keep people in line during the Middle Ages?

19. What was Charlemagne king of?
20. What countries was Charlemagne able to take over?
21. What religion did Charlemagne want to convert all the people to?
22. What did Charlemagne turn his palace into?
23. How did Charlemagne help preserve knowledge?

Pope Adrian
24. Why were Charlemagne and Pope Adrian different from most popes and kings?
25. What did Charlemagne and Pope Adrian's friendship help create?

26. Why were books so expensive in the middle ages?
27. What were the books written about?

Magna Carta
28. What was the Magna Carta?
29. What new rights did the Magna Carta add?