Coat of Arms Description Page

Background pattern meaning: Explain what the lines, design and colors mean for your background.

Example. I chose to use the colors orange and red.  Orange symbolizes worthwhile ambition and red means that I am a warrior with military strength. The background colors are in the pattern of a cross because I am a Christian and I fought in the Crusades.



What does my Charge mean or symbolize? Explain what the symbols on your family crest mean or what they represent. There are literally hundreds of different symbols (or charges) that can appear on coats of arms. The colors that are chosen and even the shape of the shield itself can have significance for the Family, Clan or Sept that was to bear the arms.

Example: I have a Tiger and a crown in the middle of my charge. A Tiger represents fierceness and valor. The crown represents Regal or senior authority, heavenly reward. The Tiger is blue which represents loyalty and truth. The crown is yellow, which symbolizes generosity.



Latin Motto: What does your Latin motto mean?


Example: My Latin Motto is “Ad maiorem dei gloriam” which when it is translated means:  For the greater glory of God

First and Last name: What does your first and last name mean - If the history of your family name is available write that as well

Example : First name-Sophia Means "wisdom" in Greek. This was the name of an early, probably mythical, saint who died of grief after her three daughters were martyred. 

Last Name-Abascal Means "priest's street" from Basque abas "priest" and kale "street".