Chapter 9- Classroom Connections-Textbook, classwork, projects, worksheets...etc

Feudal Europe

Medieval Europe Castle

Feudal Europe Map Pages 286-287

Becoming a Kinight Pages 288-289

Chapter 9 Lesson 1- The Development of Feudalism Pages 290-297

Chapter 9 Lesson 2- Daily Life in Medieval Europe Pages 298-302

Life on a Medieval Manor

Chapter 9 Lesson 3- Feudalism in Europe and Japan Pages Pages 306-311

Europe During the Middle Ages

Vocabulary Study Guide

9-1 Reteaching Worksheet

9-2 Reteaching Worksheet

9-3 Reteaching Worksheet

Manor Map Directions

Coat of Arms Directions

Blank Shield

Meanings of the symbols found in heraldry and on coats of arms

Heraldic Charges

Coats of Arms Family Crests

Spanish Surname Coats of Arms

Design a Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms Description Page

Feudalism Poetry Directions

Castle Shutter Book Directions 1

Castle Shutter Book Directions 2


Chapter 9 Internet Resources-Use the following web pages to learn more about Feudalism

Standard 7.6 - Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of Medieval Europe.

Europe in the Middle Ages for Kids

The Middle Ages - Between Ancient and Modern

Warrior Challenge: Knights - There's more to a knight than just armor. As a squire, your job is to know how to handle your knight's weapons. You will act as a knight's squire for six scenarios in the history of knights that will test your knowledge of knightly weapons to the hilt - literally.

Middle Ages - History for Kids

Destroy the Castle - Sieging a castle with a trebuchet

What was it really live in the Middle Ages?

Life in the Middle Ages

Life During the Middle Ages

People of the Middle Ages

A Monks Life

The Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages

Medieval Technology Pages - The Medieval Technology Pages are an attempt to provide accurate, referenced information on technological innovation and related subjects in western Europe during the Middle Ages.

Illuminated Manuscripts - During the Middle Ages, books were written by hand. View some of the wonderful artwork and handwriting of these scribes by clicking on the links.
University of Oxford Images

Illuminated Manuscripts

Mostly Medieval – Here you will find information on heraldry, myths and legends, religion, medicine, and other aspects of life in Britain during the Middle Ages.