Prince Shotoku



Directions: Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences. Click on the blue links to find the answers.

Prince Shotoku (574-622 A.D.)
1. Who was Prince Shotoku?
2. What was his name and what did it mean?
3. Why was he given his name?
4. Why did Prince Shotoku want to learn about Buddhism?
5. How did Shotoku learn about Buddhism?
6. What did men tend to have more than one of in Japan that they don’t now?
7. What did Prince Shotoku establish?
8. What religion did Prince Shotoku help spread?
9. What did Shotoku have built?
10. What year did Prince Shotoku die?
11. Write two examples of acceptable behaviors written in Japan’s constitution.
12. Ideas from what religions were put into Shotoku’s constitution?

The Tale of the Genji
13. Who wrote the Tale of Genji?
14. What was this the first of?