Japan Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Answer the following questions on your own paper using complete sentences. Click on the blue links to find the answers.


1. Who were the Shoguns?

2. How many years did the Shoguns rule Japan?


3. What did the Daimyo own that made them powerful?

4. What does the word samurai literally mean?

5. What were samurai?

6. What type of weapons did Samurai use?

7. What was the most important Samurai weapon?

8. What is the bushido?

9. What did the bushido stress?

10. Describe the relationship between the samurai and how they view death?

Samurai Helmet
11. What ritual gave birth to the samurai helmet?

12. Why would a samurai burn incense in his helmet?

13. What were ninja?

14. When did the ninja exist?

Zen Buddhism
15. What are the two schools of Zen Buddhism?

16. What is a koan?


Prince Shotoku
17. What is Prince Shotoku credited with?

18. What is Shotoku's most famous achievement?