Chapter 8 Classroom Connections-Textbook, classwork, projects, worksheets...etc

Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia

Begin the chapter intro pages 246-247

The Education of a Samurai Pages 248-249

Chapter 8 Lesson 1-Land of the Rising Sun Pages 250-254

Chapter 8 Lesson 2-Growth of Japanese Culture Pages 256-261

Chapter 8 Lesson 3-Samurai and Shoguns Pages 266-271

Chapter 8 Lesson 4-Korea and Southeast Asia Pages 274-279

An Inside Look at Hemeji Castle Pages 272-273

Japan Scavengerhunt Activity

Vocabulary Study Guide

Geography Practice

Prince Shotoku

8-1 Reteaching Worksheet

8-2 Reteaching Worksheet

8-3 Reteaching Worksheet

8-4 Reteaching Worksheet

Japan Map Activity

Kabuki Mask Directions

Kabuki Mask Rubric

Japan-Korea Crossword

Document Based Activity

Chapter 8 Internet Resources-Use the following web pages to learn more about Japan

Standard 7.5 - Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of Medieval Japan.

Timeline of Japanese History

Japan in the Electric Passport

Take a virtual reality trip to Japan

Samurai Culture

Samurai - Basic information

Samurai Helmet Anatomy

The Samurai and Their Use of Bushido

Samurai pictures

Samurai Tour

Samurai Shrines

Castles of Japan

Kids Web Japan

The Japanese Language

Zen Stories

Zen Buddhism

Prince Shotoku (574-622 A.D.)

Prince Shotoku - Learn about a great hero of Japan

The Tale of the Genji - One of the first novels ever written