China Cyberhunt

In this cyberhunt, you will be researching the culture of China. You will be answering questions from selected web sites using complete sentences on your own paper.

Discovery of Tea
1. For how many years have the Chinese been drinking tea?
2. How was tea first used in China?
3. In what dynasty did drinking tea become popular?

Chinese Inventions
4. What was gunpowder made up of?
5. What three things was gunpowder initially used for?
6. What direction did the Chinese compass point?
7. What were compasses made of?
8. Before writing on paper what did the Chinese use to write on?
9. What were the names of the two people that invented the kite?
10. What did the Chinese use kites for in 1232?
11. What was the one thing that helped broker peace between China and other ancient cultures?

The Tang Dynasty
12. What year did the golden age of the Tang Dynasty begin?
13. How many people lived in the capital of the Tang?
14. What were the Three Doctrines of the Tang Dynasty?

The Song Dynasty
15. What is the period of the Song Dynasty sometimes referred to as?
16. Who visited China during the Song Dynasty?
17. When did the Song Dynasty rule China?
18. What did the Song Dynasty become the first government to issue?

19. What does Confucianism stress (5 Virtues)?
20. What is Confucianism?
21. Do Confucians believe in an afterlife?
22. How many people in North America identify themselves as Confucian?

The Great Wall of China
23. When was the Great Wall of China built, WHAT WAS THE FIRST YEAR?
24. What was the purpose of the Great Wall?
25. How long is the entire Great Wall?
26. What were the three groups of people that made up the labor force for the Great Wall?
27. Where were the bodies of dead workers buried during the construction of the Great Wall?

Genghis Khan
28. What other names has Genghis Khan been called?
29. What empire did Genghis Khan establish?

Kublai Khan
30. How did Kublai Khan challenge the stereotype of previous Mongol rulers?
31. Who was Kublai Khan related to?
32. What famous explorer did Kublai Khan know?

Marco Polo
33. When was Marco Polo born and when did he die?
34. How many years did Marco Polo stay in Khans court?
35. In what city did Marco meet Kublai Khan at?