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The Expansion and Fall of Rome

Chapter 2 Lesson 1-The Rise and Expansion of Rome

Chapter 2 Lesson 2-Decline and Fall of the Empire

Chapter 2 Lesson 3-The Early Byzantine Empire

Chapter 2 Lesson 4-The Legacy of Rome

Starting with a Story

The Expansion and Fall of Rome

Chapter 2 Review

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Rome Quizlet

Chapter 2 Vocabulary Study Guide

2-1 Reteaching Worksheet

2-2 Reteaching Worksheet

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2-4 Reteaching Worksheet

Chapter 2 Crossword

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Roman Statues Activity

Religion Tree Map

Cold Case Caesar

Who Killed Jesus

Chapter 2 Internet Resources-Use the following web pages to learn more about the Roman Empire

Standard 7.1 - Students analyze the causes and effects of the vast expansion and ultimate disintegration of the Roman Empire.

Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Electronic Passport to Rome

History for Kids: Rome

Ancient Rome – Lessons from the Constitutional Rights Foundation

The Code of Justinian

The Roman Empire in the First Century

Pictures of the Roman empire

Learn about Rome's education, army, religion, and much more!

Explore a Virtual Roman Colosseum

Did Rome fall, or was it pushed?


In Introduction to Christianity

Your Guide to the Religion of Christianity