The Reformation

Answer the questions using complete sentences on your own paper.

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Martin Luther
1. When and where was Martin Luther born?
2. What did Luther's parents want him to become?
3. What did Luther want to do?
4. What did Luther experience that caused him to decide to become a monk?
5. What did Martin Luther join? Why?
6. How many points did Martin Luther disagree with the Catholic Church about?
7. What was an indulgence?
8. Why was the pope upset with Luther?
9. Luther was called a heretic. What was the punishment for this crime?
10. What language did Luther translate the Bible into?
11. What new religion did Martin Luther begin?

John Calvin
Scroll down under Calvin's picture.
12. What was Calvin's most important teaching?
13. What is predestination?

The Church of England
14. Why did King Henry VIII want the Pope to grant him a divorce?
15. What did King Henry VIII convince the Parliament to do?
16. Who was the head of the Church of England?
17. What happened to Henry's wife when she did not produce a male heir (son)?
18. How many more times did Henry marry?
19. How did Henry's daughter Mary attempt to bring the Catholic Church back to England?
20. Why did Mary become known as "Bloody Mary?"
21. What religion was Queen Elizabeth I?
22. How did Elizabeth bring all the people of England together?