The Incas

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Mummies of the World
1. What is a mummy?
2. What other civilization mastered mummification?

Mummies of the World Part 2
3. Who conquered the Incas? When?

Lost Worlds.
4. What name did the Inca give their empire?
5. What city was at the center of the Inca world?
6. How many subjects lived in the city?

Lost Empire
18. How many miles long was the Inca system of roads?
19. Who was the Spanish conquistador responsible for the conquest of the Incas?
20. What was the name of the Inca emperor?

Lost Empire part 2
21. What was Machu Picchu used for?
22. How high in altitude was most of the Inca empire?
23. What disease helped wipe out the Inca?
24. What did Pizzaro acquire vast amounts of?

Death of the Inca
25. What disease nearly destroyed the Inca?
26. What happened when the Inca king died?