Lesson: Cornell Notes



  1. Read Chapter – 11 Lesson –3 .
  2. Most lessons in the book are divided into 3 sections. We will take notes for each section and write a summary for each section.
  3. Format your paper, Cornell Note style. (See picture above)
  4. Title your paper according to the section of the book you are reading.
  5. Copy the questions for the first section (below) onto the left hand column of your paper.
  6. Answer each question, in the right hand column, using evidence from the text. Make sure to leave a blank line between the question/answer and the following question/answer.
  7. Repeat directions 5 and 6 for the second and third section of the lesson.
  8. When you have completed the questions and answers go back and review your information. Then in the space provided at the bottom of the page answer the review question in one paragraph. Be sure to use evidence from your notes to support your answers.

Read Mayan Civilization – Chapter 11 Lesson 3.

Take Cornell Notes

Summarize each set of notes.



A. Birth of a Civilization

1. Where did Mayan civilization arise?

2. Where are the lands of the Maya?

3. What are the beginnings of the Maya?

4. Where did Maya establish villages?

B. Mayan Life

1. Into what classes was Mayan society divided?

2. What were the responsibilities of each class level?

3. How did peasant farmers live?

4. How did the nobility live?

5. What were the Maya’s religious beliefs?

6. What were Mayan religious ceremonies like?

7. What were the roles of the 4 classes that make up Mayan society?

C. Glory and Decline

1. What cultural developments did the Maya achieve during the Classical period of their civilization.

2. What were the great cities of the Maya? What things did they share in common?

3. How did Mayan kings conduct warfare?

4. What were the Mayan advances in writing?

5. What were the Mayan advances in Mathematics?

6. What is the mystery of the Mayan downfall? What are some possible reasons?

7. What advances did the Maya achieve in record keeping?