Lesson: Cornell Notes


  1. Read Chapter 12– Lesson – 2.
  2. Most lessons in the book are divided into 3 sections. We will take notes for each section and write a summary for each section.
  3. Format your paper, Cornell Note style. (See picture above)
  4. Title your paper according to the section of the book you are reading.
  5. Copy the questions for the first section (below) onto the left hand column of your paper.
  6. Answer each question, in the right hand column, using evidence from the text. Make sure to leave a blank line between the question/answer and the following question/answer.
  7. Repeat directions 5 and 6 for the second and third section of the lesson.
  8. When you have completed the questions and answers go back and review your information. Then in the space provided at the bottom of the page answer the review question in one paragraph. Be sure to use evidence from your notes to support your answers.
  1. Read Chapter 12 Lesson 2 – The Inca
  2. Answer the following questions in Cornell Note Format
  3. Summarize your notes at the bottom of each page.

Part 1 Geography of a Mountain Empire

  1. How did the Inca adapt their way of life to the mountainous terrain of their homeland?
  2. Describe the diverse terrain.
  3. How did Pachacuti found his empire?
  4. How was the Incan empire governed?
  5. Describe the daily life of the people in the Inca empire.
  6. How important was the road network to the success of the Incan empire?

Part 2 Incan Society and Beliefs

  1. How did Inca society develop?
  2. What was the class structure of Incan society?
  3. What were the religious beliefs of Incan society?
  4. Describe the Inca army?
  5. Who was Francisco Pizarro?
  6. How did Pizarro defeat the Inca?

Part 3 Cultural Legacy of the Inca

  1. What advances did the Inca make in science, technology, and the arts?
  2. How did the Inca develop without a writing system?
  3. Describe the Inca road builders and their artisans.
  4. What were Incan advances in medicine?
  5. What was the cultural legacy of the Inca?