The Black Death

Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.Use the blue links below to find the information.

1.What years did the Black Death start and end?
2.Why was it called the Black Death?
3.How many people died daily by the Black Death?
4.How can fleas spread disease to humans
5.How were the bubonic and septicemic plague transmitted?
6. How was the pnuemonic plague transmitted?

The Black Death
7.What were the three forms of the Black Death?
8.What was the most common form of the Black Death?
9.What were the symptoms of the bubonic plague?
10.What was the mortality (death) rate of the pneumonic plague?
11.What were the symptoms of the pneumonic plague?
12.What was the mortality rate of the septicemic plague?
13.What are the symptoms of the septicemic plague?

Path of the Plague
14.Why did the plague spread to other cities?
15.Where is it believed the plague originated? (started)
16.What routes did the plague travel on?

17.What effects did the plague have on the economy of Europe?

Effect on Europe
18.How many people had died by 1352?

Describe the nursery rhyme.

19.What is a common nursery rhyme of the time?
20.Describe what the nursery rhyme means?

The Bubonic Plague
21. How did the Bubonic Plague get to Europe?
22. Why were Europeans so susceptible to disease?
23. Where can you find the Plague today?

24.What are the two functions of the fleas mouth?

The Church
26. Why were people upset at the church and the doctors?