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Chapter 5 Lesson 2 The Empire of Ghana Pgs 156-161

Daily Life Producing Salt Pgs 162-163

Chapter 5 Lesson 3 The Empire of Mali Pgs 164-169

Chapter 6 Lesson 2 Empires Built on Gold and Trade Pgs 186-191

Chapter 5 Vocabulary Study Guide

Africa Internet Scavenger Hunt

5-2 Reteaching Worksheet

5-3 Reteaching Worksheet

6-2 Reteaching Worksheet

Ghana: An Empire Built on Trade

Mali: West Africa's Golden Empire

Primary Sources Ghana-GRAPES Pt1

Primary Sources-Mali-GRAPES Pt 2

Student Handout 1 7.4.1-Imagine you are a North African trader

Student Handout 2 7.4.1-GRAPES Handout

Student Handout 3 7.4.1-Clever Jackal Gets Away

Student Handout 4 7.4.1-GRAPES CHALLENGE-ABCDEF...

Student Handout 5 7.4.1GRAPES Organizer-Primary/Secondary Documents

Student Handout 6 7.4.1 Choose one empire, either Ghana or Mali. Explain three characteristics of that empire using three of the key categories of GRAPES. Explain why each characteristic was significant.

Student Handout 7 7.4.1 Ghana-Mali Brainstorming Chart

Student Handout 8 5 sentence paragraph 7.4.1

Student Handout 8 6 sentence paragraph 7.4.1

Student Handout 8 8 sentence paragraph 7.4.1

Teacher Guide 1 7.4.1

Teacher Guide 2 7.4.1

Transparency 1 7.4.1


Chapter 5-6 Internet Resources-Use the following web pages to learn more about Africa

Standard 7.4 - Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the sub-Saharan civilizations of Ghana and Mali in Medieval Africa.

Africa for Kids

Gold for Salt

African History in the Electronic Passport

Africa Today in the Electronic Passport

An Introduction to Africa

An Introduction to Mali


The Collapse of Mali and Songhai - Mali and Songhai, as well as the smaller kingdom of Ghana before them, were once great trading kingdoms famous for their gold. Yet despite their greatness, they each declined for similar reasons.

PBS Africa for Kids

Ibn Battuta: The Greatest Traveler in the Middle Ages - He traveled further and visited more countries than any other person in medieval times. His final journey took him to Mali, a Muslim empire in West Africa. This report of his travels reveals a vivid portrait of the Muslim world at its height.

Saharan Trade: A Link Between Europe and Africa - Maps, pictures and information about the trade between Europe and West Africa from Ghana to Songhay. Super West African Trade Route maps.

African Trade - From Critical Thinking Internet Activities: Ancient and Medieval History.

History Mystery - West African Kingdoms

Timbuktu - The great mythical city of Mali

Timeline of Medieval Africa

African Life through Art - Studies of African life, ritual, and culture through audio, video, and graphics

African Folk Tales - Stories from Africa were traditionally passed down by word of mouth.  Often they were told by the light of the moon around a village fire after the completion of a long day of work. The stories rarely ended with the words we so often heard as children when our parents told us bedtime stories -- "and they all lived happily ever after". Most stories didn't end happily ever after.  Usually the stories taught a lesson, and frequently, the selfish person learned that lesson the hard way.